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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clark's idea:

The idea for this specific blog comes from Clark Goble (corrected!), whom I'm sure won't mind my quoting his post at peirce-l this one time without asking in advance:
One of my favorite blogs, Enowning, actually does nothing but (a) search for interesting blog posts on Heidegger, quote a snippet and link to it and (b) post short paragraphs out of major works on Heidgger that are illuminating. Lots of blogs try to do longer posts but while I like many of those blogs I think the authors have a hard time maintaining the energy. Following a model ala Enowning but perhaps allowing submitted longer posts would be extremely valuable IMO).
But, as to quoting, Clark adds in his following post:
One thing to keep in mind though (and this is true of any mailing list) is privacy. A lot of people feel a little freer to write on a mailing list because they know only a small group of people read it. (Even if in theory it is searchable) Some people don't like the idea of egregious errors and stupid comments coming back to haunt them. (Me, I tend to think the greatest impediment to learning is being thought a fool. When you don't care if you look like an idiot you're more open to experiment and inquiry.)

Anyway, if we do a blog make sure we get permission to quote anyone from the list.