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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tagging and searching

It looks fine to me, Ben! I was a little surprised not to see a place in the layout for a list of labels. From the conversation on peirce-l i gathered that labels or keyword tags would facilitate finding information in the peirce-l archives and elsewhere. We can of course search the blog for a key word, but if the blog is successful in attracting a lot of users and posts, then a search of the whole blog text for common words will increasingly tend to produce too many hits and defeat the purpose. Since labels can be listed alphabetically, that could help to mitigate this problem. For instance someone looking for information on Peirce's use of the term "information" would look for that word in the list of labels first, and then use the "Search" function if it didn't appear there.

But maybe i'm assuming too much about what this blog is for. And maybe this post should be on peirce-l rather than here. But i thought i'd try it out anyway.


Anonymous said...

See the blogicles about MrTaggy at the Augmented Social Cognition Blog.

justG said...

I'm pretty sure the blog structure does allow for tags. I tagged my first post with 'memory', for example.

Ben Udell said...

Yes, the labels are appearing. And I've added a labels widget in the sidebar.