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Monday, August 22, 2011

Jerry Dozoretz

Jerry Dozoretz passed away earlier this month. Condolences to his beloved wife Ann and family. Ann emailed Nathan Houser, Gary Richmond, and me about it yesterday.

Denver Post obituary (August 12-14) .

Jerry had a Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of Californis, Santa Barbara. He was an Instructor and Assistant Professor of Philosophy from 1970 to 1983. An article of his was published in Peirce Studies 1. Starting in 1983 he worked in the private sector, eventually going into business for himself. He had five children.

Jerry was the chief operating officer of the Peirce Group, which owns the Arisbe website and peirce-l, which were created and long maintained by Joe Ransdell, who passed away in December 2010. Jerry was working on their relocation to the Institute for American Thought at I.U.P.U.I. He was also working on the relocation of Joseph Ransdell's voluminous papers and library to the I.A.T.

In a peirce-l post yesterday, [name deleted at request of the named — B.U. 11/27/2015] said,
I am very sorry to hear this.

Jerry and I exchanged email in January. He was open and kind, generous with his support and friendship. He was greatly affected by Joe's passing and wanted very much to ensure the future of peirce-l and related materials. It had been on my todo list to follow up with him.

My best wishes and condolences to Jerry's friends and family.
Jerry was a pleasure to work with. I've been at a loss for words. In our last phone conversation Jerry told me that he and Joe Ransdell had been friends since childhood. As usual he sounded well and upbeat and 20 years younger than he was.

Update October 4, 2011. I thought that Jerry said that they had been friends since childhood; I remember responding during that phone call with that understanding uncontradicted by him. But I must have misunderstood. They were born over 15 years apart.

Joseph Ransdell  June 5, 1931 — Dec. 27, 2010

Jerry Dozoretz  Jan. 11, 1947 — Aug. 5, 2011


RAGS said...

It is with sorrow that I have learned of Jerry's passing. He and I were roommates and fellow philosophy undergrads at UCSB. We pulled many all nighters in those days, usually revolving around the sequence of formal logic classes we went through together.

I can recall us visiting Professor Ransdell at his home at the far end of Isla Vista several times for meals and extended discussions about philosophy and life in general. I never took any classes from Joe, though Jerry did quite a few with him often related to Peirce while I was exploring Plato, Kant and other areas. I am glad to see that the work Joe and Jerry have put into the ideas of Peirce is continuing.

I also have fond memories of visiting Jerry's family in LA several times and my best wishes and condolences to them and the other people we used to hang out with back before life got serious. I'm really glad Jerry was able to pursue his goals so successfully.